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Business Valuation For Kentucky Or Indiana Divorce Property Division

At Straw-Boone Doheny Banks & Mudd, we understand the complexities involved in valuing businesses within the context of divorce and family law.

Whether you’re facing a high-asset divorce or need assistance with reviewing a prenuptial agreement, our team of experienced attorneys is here to provide the caliber of legal counsel and advocacy you need at this time.

Separate Vs. Marital Property

Distinguishing between separate and marital assets is crucial in a high-asset divorce, especially when assets such as business ownership are part of the picture. Separate assets are typically those acquired before marriage or through inheritance, while marital assets are those acquired during the marriage.

Business valuation is the process of determining the financial distribution of business assets as well as determining the portion of a business that constitutes marital property.

  • Identifying separate and marital assets is a meticulous process that requires a comprehensive review of financial records and legal documentation.
  • Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling complex asset division cases and can provide strategic guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Financial and work contributions made by both spouses to the business during the marriage may be of consequence, as well as the increase in value of the business in the same period.

Approaches To Business Valuation

Valuing a business for purposes of divorce or family law proceedings may take several approaches: the income approach, asset approach or market approach.

  • The income approach involves assessing the present value of future income streams generated by the business.
  • The asset approach focuses on the value of the company’s tangible property such as commercial real estate, equipment and inventory along with intangible assets, such as property, equipment, intellectual property and goodwill.
  • The market approach compares the subject business to similar businesses that have been sold recently, taking into account factors such as industry trends and market conditions.

Our team of attorneys is well-versed in these valuation methods and can help you determine the fair value of a business that is part of your marital property.

Louisville-Based Advocates For Asset Division In High-Asset Divorce

At Straw-Boone Doheny Banks & Mudd, we are committed to providing compassionate and personalized legal representation to clients facing challenging family law matters. Our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast dedication to pursuing equitable outcomes for our clients.

Do you hope to keep your business intact despite the divorce? Ask our lawyers about negotiating trades with other assets, such as retirement accounts or real estate, that might justify a strong argument for leaving the business undivided.

If you need representation in negotiations about business valuation, child custody arrangements, spousal support or any other family law issue, we are here to help. Email us or call 502-791-9419 today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.